The Next Generation Layer of Interoperability and Data

Essentia is a masternoded multi-chained set of protocols
connecting centralized and decentralized resources to
create new powerful interactions and experiences.

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The Problem

Data and platforms are scattered all around.

Different pieces of the new Internet are born as building blocks, but there’s no way for them to work together.

Even interoperating new technologies with old centralised resources can prove useful in making the paradigm shift from Web 2 to Web 3 happen.

Now we own our data, we can prove that we own what we have and have created it on different platforms, but how do we put it together into a whole new cohesive framework, effectively replacing old models and enabling new powerful interactions?

Welcome, to Essentia.

The Solution

Essentia is a modular decentralised interoperability and data management framework.

Although it may sound complicated, it’s composed of two main components: Essences and Synergies.

In Essences, entities own their data, interlinking them across multiple services. They can be of individuals, companies, groups or organisations, effectively creating decentralised internet users, making interoperability between them also possible by subIDs, permissions and self-triggering, information related, smart contracts.

Synergies are the connective tissue of operations. They link different platforms, resources and modules together for them to be able to interoperate.

Developers can build on top of them and users can pay for leaner, more powerful and efficient applications on the Essentia framework that run across all the best technologies around the globe, opposed to a single one.

Try Essentia. A seed is all you need to get started.

Use Cases
Platforms Built On Top of Essentia
essentia masternodes
Essentia will implement masternodes with a total block reward corresponding to 15% of the total supply of tokens ever existing to be PoS mined over the course of the next 7 years, plus the fees for each block.
  • Each masternode will require 100,000 (one hundred thousands tokens) to be locked in.
  • At least 2000 nodes are expected.
  • Every block reward will be 10 seconds.
For more information, the document “ESS Token Utility” can be consulted here or from the Docs menu on top.
Token Distribution
essentia token distribution
35%Token Sale
15%Node Rewards
4% Ambassador,
  • Symbol: ESS
  • Total Supply: 1,755,313,373 ESS Tokens
  • Token for Sale: 614,359,681 ESS Tokens (35%)
  • Public Sale Starting: 25th June, 14:00 Amsterdam Time
  • Raw functions (s/v/e/d/)
  • File Storage (swarm, IPFS, storj)
  • Wallet multi-asset (eth, btc, iota,..)
  • dApps Store
  • CLI and UI implementations
  • eLogin basic version (anon IDs)
  • BLOCKTIME initial rollout
  • First round of dApps integrations:
  • Status, ED, Aragon,, Gnosis
  • Alpha/mvp of ESS Framework
  • Finalising Essentia for Individuals:
  • Continuing R&D and Tests
  • Continuing prototyping
  • Community engagement bonuses
  • Ambassadors Campaigns
  • Meetups / conferences worldwide
  • Self-hosted regular meetup Ams
  • 1st Airdrop after the ICO ends
  • Publishing Essentia for Individuals:
  • Additional backend/home modules
  • Custom VPN, TOR, Mysterium
  • Single-chain nodes and modules:
  • ETH, BTC, IOTA, LTC, etcetera..
  • 2nd/3rd round of dApps integrations
  • eLogin 3rd-party ID management
  • On-chain modules initial rollout
  • Minimal and low-res adaptations
  • Decentralized repositories
  • First beta of the ESS framework
  • Start developing Essentia for Government solutions: MTK Finnish Government and others
  • Start developing Essentia for Enterprise solutions
  • Selecting final prototypes
  • Alpha of KeyWare (HW Seed)
  • Pre-alpha of devices (Eggs)
  • 1st ESS Hackaton for projects to built on top of the Essentia Protocol
  • Development bounties
  • Security / bug reporting bounties
  • Meetups / conferences worldwide
  • Self-hosted regular meetup 2 cities
  • 2nd Airdrop ~1 month after 1st
  • Start of Essentia for Government solutions: MTK Government and others
  • Start developing Essentia for Enterprise solutions
  • Full BLOCKTIME rollout
  • Custom derivation paths
  • Framework CLI automation/scripts
  • Alpha ESS token layer
  • Cross-chain modules initial rollout
  • Alpha ID system (anon, pseudo)
  • Login second stage (+pseudo)
  • 4th round of dApps integrations
  • Native mobile app beta
  • ESS framework second beta
  • Launch of Essentia as ICO Launchpad: Projects to be built on top of Essentia Protocol
  • ESS KeyWare device
  • ESS-Sense selection
  • Eggs alpha/beta
  • ESS-OS alpha (multi-arch)
  • In-framework incentives
  • 2nd ESS Hackathon
  • Development bounties
  • Security / bug reporting bounties
  • Public beta-testing program start
  • Meetups / conferences worldwide
  • Self-hosted regular meetup 3 cities
  • 3rd Airdrop ~2.5 month after 2nd
  • Advanced features and settings
  • eLogin third stage rollout (+KYC)
  • Decentralized ID beta (an,ps,kyc)
  • eDNS/NS consolidation
  • Beta ESS Token layer / recycle
  • First purely-on-chain modules
  • State channel layer initial rollout
  • Standalone modules and nodes
  • Low-res environments and IoT (beta)
  • Mobile RC
  • ESS framework third beta
  • Launch of Essentia for Government solutions: MTK Government and others
  • Launch of Essentia for Enterprise solutions
  • First ESS-Eggs release
  • eGPS demo/alpha (with scs)
  • IoT tailored public versions
  • ESS-OS beta release (debian)
  • 1st ESS ideas contest
  • Use incentivization programs (ess)
  • 3rd ESS Hackathon
  • Development bounties
  • Security / bug reporting bounties
  • Meetups / conferences worldwide
  • Self-hosted regular meetup 3 cities
  • Launch of Essentia for Government solutions: MTK Government and others
  • Launch of Essentia for Enterprise solutions
  • Decentralized ID full rollout
  • ESS token layer complete
  • State channels: done
  • Move/clone modules on-chain (scs)
  • Virtualization of resources (intro)
  • Cross/multi-chain full operability
  • Fully customizable framework
  • Mobile stable release (android, osx)
  • Multi-language implementations
  • Decentralized governance (intro)
  • ESS framework RC and stable
  • ESS-OS RC and initial release
  • eGPS deployed
  • Automatable Custom Constellations
  • IoT implementations
  • KeyWare enhancements
  • Autonomous Eggs tests
  • HW-based native oracles tests
  • ESSDEV zero (devs conference)
  • Follow up of previous programs
  • Self-sustainability protocol (recycle)
  • Virtualization of the resources
  • Resource sharing
  • Distributed computing
  • Mission-critical deployments
  • Decentralized governance
  • Low-res environments and IoT full
  • SW-based native oracles tests
  • Decentralized ESS framework
  • HW-based native oracles
  • Autonomous Eggs
  • Next generation Eggs Test
  • Autonomous constellations tests
  • Micro/minimal/ms devices
  • Begin of native ESS-aOS (non-deb)
  • 1st ESSCON + Hackathon
  • Follow up
Every life is unique: it has its own Essence,
its own shape, its own image.
Matteo Gianpietro Zago
Project Lead
Since 2014 advisor in blockchain-related startups. Matteo started doing business 8 years ago by creating his first project with a budget of 10€ turned into a real scalable business working now with Fortune 500 companies such as Uber, Alphabet, Facebook, Tencent. He began the journey alone from a small desk in his apartment and finalized it now by having 110 new team members join the team last year, located in 5 offices over 3 different countries. He's the creator of the most commented item in the Web 2.0 history, author of the Facebook Bible and the Twitter Marketing Guide, both best selling books on Amazon.
Mirco Mongiardino
Product Lead
Mirco is a web entrepreneur with strong experience in building tech products for data analysis, data driven marketing and media acquisition. He discovered Bitcoin in 2013 and fell in love with the revolution ever since. Starting building companies since he was 16 from a bedroom, with a friend as an assistant and a notebook for daily meetings with his disciplined self, Mirco now manages more than 40 people spread across seven countries, with offices in Amsterdam, Lviv and Dubai.
Vladimir Holubovych
Operations Lead
Vladimir's first step in business came from making viral advertising for Italian companies initially and for international ones later when he was 19. His ideas helped the largest Italian public television stations and world-famous political figures successfully execute their online marketing strategy. Vladimir took a great interest in blockchain and began to develop this direction in Eastern Europe from 2014 to today. He invested in several startups, aided by his extensive experience of online marketing strategy. Essentia, his main goal, involves doing everything in his power to make the decentralized web accessible and widespread as a new standard.
Essentia founders
Privacy Conscious
Blockchain and Architecture Lead CTO
Tech and Design
Business and Social
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