Earn Passive Income with Essentia with Yield Farming

Essentia is a masternode powered blockchain that enables interoperability and cross-chain transactions. It is an ‘all-in-one platform’ that manages all things crypto. With Essentia users can: trade, swap, and add liquidity. Integrated with L2 transactions via zk-SNARKs sdk and Starkware. Essentia is designed to be Simple. Secure. and Decentralized.

Essentia on DeFi


Earn passive income with 1-Click Staking and Masternodes

Earn rewards easily with minimum efforts and maximum income through
1-Click Staking and running Masternodes

Acquire ESS ERC20

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Download Essentia Desktop

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Swap ESS ERC20 for ESSX

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Proceed with:

  • 1-Click Staking
  • 1-Click Masternode
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Setup Node

Masternodes are PoS consensus nodes, that perform utility functions for the Essentia network such as storing metadata, processing transactions, and signings blocks. Each node makes the network more decentralized, secure, and stable. A masternode operator receives 25% of total block rewards.


Setup Node

Supernodes are PoS consensus nodes, it performs same functions that masternodes. The main difference between supernode and masternode is rewards, supernode receives 75% of total block rewards, but it also needs bigger collateral to run it.

Generate your rewards with Essentia



Enter the amount of MARS nodes

Enter the monthly cost of VPS

You need 300,000 ESSX to set up a one Essentia Masternode.

Enter your MARS node running time

Enter the amount of staked coins

Enter your staking time

Specified time period reward: 0 ESS


  • Daily


    0 ESS

  • Weekly


    0 ESS

  • Monthly


    0 ESS

  • Yearly


    0 ESS

Reward frequency:

The Essentia Blockchain

The Essentia framework is bootstrappable from anywhere in the world from just a seed. For any consumer needing decentralized storage or crypto exchanges, organizations requiring smart-contract capabilities or developers wanting to build blockchain solutions - it’s the most efficient way to experience and utilize the new internet, where cryptography rules and data remains in the control of the user.




Protocol version




Connection to other nodes


Mining difficulty




Masternode Info

There are currently -- MARS Masternodes

Mars masternode stats
Staking stats
  • ROI (annual) --
  • Paid rewards for masternode --
  • AVG masternode reward frequency -- min
  • Required coins for masternode --
  • Required sum for masternode --




If you have cryptocurrency laying idle in your wallet, consider depositing it to our staking pools - earning passive income for the whole time they remain staked.



Providing liquidity to our pools will allow you to earn passive income at high-interest rates. Will be active soon.



Borrowing on Essentia grants you access to a wide variety of loans. From stablecoins to highly volatile food-currencies.



Provide your assets to borrowers using the Essentia protocol and earn passive income off of your loans.

How It Works Essentia Defihub


From multi-chain transactions to impenetrable security

Essentia is the universal blockchain toolbox

Essentia is your personal toolbox

With Essentia you create your own interoperable crypto-world; with all your wallets, decentralized services, dApps and accounts under your control only. Essentia makes it possible. Anywhere. Anytime


Get more done with

Cross-blockchain transactions

Why invest in one blockchain?
With Essentia you can utilize them all.

Our network interconnects multiple blockchains to ensure your ability to interact seamlessly with leading cryptocurrencies and projects in the simplest and cheapest way possible - thanks to l2 ZKsync. Grab your crypto and..

Send / Receive
Store Securely

See the widest currency list of

750+ Integrated Currencies

How many crypto wallets do you have? Now you only need one. With Essentia you can manage more than 750 integrated tokens and coins - including the most popular ones. Limitless opportunities, at your fingertips.

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Essentia’s multiple security layers

Protect your crypto with

Essentia’s multiple security layers

Only you own your fingerprint, and only you can access your digital assets.

Hardware wallet compatibility empowers your assets with complete cold storage.

Choose the most convenient and secure means of authorization.

With Essentia App

What is Essentia?


5 sec

send, receive and exchange



only one owner

Simple Simplicity

1 click

to create an account

College fund Bobby

Trade account

College fund Bobby

Multiple Accounts

Divide your business and personal crypto life

Create as many accounts as you want, for personal, business or corporate matters. With separate wallets and settings, different spheres of your life are united within the Essentia framework.



Your crypto goes wherever you go

Install Essentia on both your phone and computer to have everything you need at hand. Anytime.

Install Essentia on either your Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and/or Android devices, and have everything you need at your fingertips. Anytime.

Get your ESS tokens

Choose your favourite exchange and get Essentia tokens in one click

ESS/USD 0.0012 -6.26%
ESS/ETH 0.000008 -3.96%
ESS/BTC 0.00000022 -5.23%

Make your crypto life organized. Instantly.

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