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We're building the open-source mechanism of how machines and humans will interoperate with each other in a decentralized permissionless world.

Essentia is present with offices in Amsterdam (HQ), and Lviv, Ukraine.



Matteo Gianpietro Zago

Project Lead

Since 2014 advisor in blockchain-related startups. Matteo started doing business 8 years ago by creating his first project with a budget of 10€ turned into a real scalable business working now with Fortune 500 companies such as Uber, Alphabet, Facebook, Tencent. He began the journey alone from a small desk in his apartment and finalized it now by having 110 new team members join the team last year, located in 5 offices over 3 different countries. He's the creator of the most commented item in the Web 2.0 history, author of the Facebook Bible and the Twitter Marketing Guide, both best selling books on Amazon.


Mirco Mongiardino

Product Lead

Mirco is a web entrepreneur with strong experience in building tech products for data analysis, marketing and media acquisition. He discovered Bitcoin in 2013 and fell in love with the revolution ever since. Starting building companies since he was 16 from a bedroom, with a friend as an assistant and a notebook for daily meetings with his disciplined self, Mirco now manages more than 40 people spread across seven countries, with offices in Amsterdam, Lviv and Dubai.


Vladimir Holubovych

Operations Lead

Vladimir's first step in business came from making viral advertising for Italian companies initially and for international ones later when he was 19. His ideas helped the largest Italian public television stations and world-famous political figures successfully execute their online marketing strategy. Vladimir took a great interest in blockchain and began to develop this direction in Eastern Europe from 2014 to today. He invested in several startups, aided by his extensive experience of online marketing strategy. Essentia, his main goal, involves doing everything in his power to make the decentralized web accessible and widespread as a new standard.


Privacy Conscious

Blockchain and Architecture Lead


Artur Petrovych


Artur has 16 years of experience in software development and cybersecurity and has spent his entire life behind machines and code. Previously the technical lead at NameCheap, one of the biggest hosting and domain registrar companies of the world, he managed teams upwards of 70 people.


Stefan Djokic

Technical Team Lead

Stefan is Senior Software Developer with over 7 years of experience in Software/Web Development. Worked on the enormous control panel for one of the biggest UK VoIP providers. Responsible for implementing development practices into our organization.


Bedros Awanesian

Head of Business Development

Bedros is the Head of the Business Development team and oversees Essentia’s corporate strategy and company expansion. He is an experienced business developer and ICO project manager with more than 1+ year experience in Blockchain driven projects.


Alex Grek

Senior Developer

Alex is Senior Software Developer with over 10 years of experience in development on different programming languages, as well as developing software and highload systems. In Essentia he uses modern development methods, guided by such rules: security, convenience, scalability.


Vlad Pushkar

Head of Marketing

Vladislav has over 5 years of international operational leadership and project management experience in IT, Marketing and ICOs. A specialist in partner relationship management, he is the Founder of Homo-Marketus, a firm that has worked with large organizations and startups.


Valentine Panasiuk

UI/UX designer

Valentine is a UX/UI designer with a record of creative design solutions and 3 years of experience in the management of the complete design process. Having strong visual sense, his key strength is the ability to create graphics that convey the business objectives.


Olga Trykush

Community Manager

Olga’s background lies in information security management and crisis situations administration. She has been an investigative, technical writer since 2017 and now manages communication aspect of the project. Olga believes that Blockchain will turn the economy upside down.


Nikolay Hryshchenkov


Nikolay is the head of the developers' team in Essentia. Having 5 years of experience in cryptography, he is the co-developer of cryptographic information protection appliances. Nikolay is the author of the articles dedicated to different cryptocurrency tools.


Anna Kunytska

Community Manager

Anna is building healthy relationships in the Essentia communities. Having a 1 year of experience as an account manager, she is knowledgeable on how to approach people and how to communicate with them. As a technical writer, she has a blog where she shares her thoughts.


Kateryna Ponurkevych

Content Manager

Kateryna is a cryptocurrency enthusiast. She has more than 2 years of content writing experience and has created a few articles on blockchain technology. Using her knowledge, she can analyze the tastes of the audience and to create unique and captivating content.


Aleksejs Petenko

Senior Project Manager

Aleksejs is Senior PM experienced in IT, Marketing and Branding fields. A founder of the international European company, he led teams with more than 25 members. The position of the former Brave Branding COO helped him to improve his project management skills.


Roman Boyko

Blockchain developer

Roman is now a blockchain developer, specializing in dApps integration and smart contracts. With 6 years of experience in backend and mobile development, he’s a double-winner of the Programming Contest. Skilled in architecting and managing the tools and processes.


Alex Pikuta

Frontend Developer

Alex is a front-end developer specializing in developing responsive web applications. Co-operating with back-end developers, he is responsible for implementing visual elements in a web application. Passionate about web development, he is always looking for ways to improve his craft.


Alexander Jer

Blockchain expert

A former CEO of an international IT company, Alexander acquired more than 7 years of experience in the cryptocurrency field. Participated in alt-coins creation, as well as a blockchain-based payment system. He is also skilled in multiple programming languages.


Oksana Zaharchuk

Blockchain, JS, Nodejs developer

Oksana has 2 years of JS and C# programming experience and 5 years of experience in controllers’ configuring. Took part in the neural networks development and is the author of papers on data processing automatization. Now focused on blockchain technology and hardware wallets.


Sergey Zaharov

Backend Developer

Sergey is skilled in the development of neural networks, distributed databases and creation of software. Has 5 years of experience in the automation of information processing. Involved in automated testing of the project and development of the backend part of the core kernel.


Anatoliy Kurotych

Backend Developer

Anatoliy is a backend developer who participates in the development of the data coding algorithms and decentralized applications. Experienced in network programming and web applications development using various languages, such as C / C++ / C # / Java / Node.js / Go. He's also known for contributing to the StorJ's growth and working on it`s improvements.


Dmytro Horbach

Social Media Manager

Dmytro is an SMM specialist, interested in Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrency and ICO’s. Always learning new social media strategies and self-developing in today’s media market, he manages successful advertising campaigns and spreads the word about Essentia throughout the world.


Roman Loboda

Backend Developer

Roman is an experienced developer, focused on blockchain technology. 4 years of experience in services and APIs creation, he won the Programming Contest due to his skills in architecting, integrating services and setting up of development environments.


Alina Volynets

Community Manager (Korean language)

Alina uses the extensive knowledge of the Korean culture to help introduce Essentia to the world. She has an exchange experience in Korea, Wonkwang University and in Japan, Tenri University. She is highly enthusiastic about cryptocurrency and its tendencies on the market.



Yann Marston

Presently responsible for Strategic sales at Motorola Solutions. Yann is part consultant, part strategist, part nerd, 100% committed to helping make sense of an increasingly complex world. After a decade in the RAF, Yann left a job in electronic countermeasures with fundamental knowledge communications technology, software and a pair of gleaming shoes. An Honours Degree in strategic marketing led to increasing senior roles in marketing, consulting and strategy within major ICT organisations. Over 20 years, every role focused on new markets with explosive technical growth. His passion for finding new opportunities along the technological frontier continues to grow with his increasing curiosity and involvement in cryptography and blockchain technologies such as


Erik van der Staak

Erik is an advisor to the European Commission and a certified business coach for innovative startups in the European Horizon2020/EASME program. He is besides a crypto enthusiast also a senior marketeer accredited by the European Marketing Confederation and he graduated as best marketeer in the Netherlands. He has a strong track record in mobility, logistics and sustainability, founding the international business branch of Netherlands Railways. He started his career in a very Dutch way as an Officer in the Merchant Navy. Erik is a marketeer, senior business developer and interim manager and has a personal interest in bridging market and public sector. He is keen to support and is a true believer of its mission to become the Essence of your digital identity.


Francesco Fusetti

Raised $19M with AidCoin

Francesco is a serial digital entrepreneur who raised $19M with his charity project, AidCoin. Francesco is CEO and Co-founder of CharityStars (€3M raised from VCs), Aidcoin and of ScuolaZoo, Italy's biggest student community (70 employees, $15M annual turnover). Francesco assists the Essentia Team through networking and with his invaluable ICO experience.


Thomas Graham

Tom Graham is Managing Partner at TLDR, a crypto advisory firm and hedge fund that work with ICO like Quantstamp. An Australian by birth who resides in London, he is also the co-founder of, an award winning adtech firm that uses artificial intelligence so that brands can make impactful content marketing decisions much further up the decision tree. Previously, Tom co-founded MapD, a GPU database/analytics company backed by NEA, NVIDIA and Google, among others, and before that he was a securities attorney at Davis Polk. A graduate of Harvard Law School (LLM), Tom has also been educated at Melbourne Uni and Tsinghua in China.