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Essentia Platform

Essentia is the trustless modular framework allowing users to operate with their digital decentralized identities and data by creating their operating system with on-chain capabilities that can be accessible from all the devices in the world.

It empowers users with the full control and ownership of their data, IDs, information, privacy and assets, while being applicable in every device in the world, dApp, blockchain and third party service that an user wish to control in a decentralized manner.

Essentia Identities don't require any centralized app, email or phone number. The examples mentioned do.

In Essentia you just sign and verify messages to handle authorizations and you can use it from any device, UI or even command line. Doing that in the examples mentioned is not possible.

  • the full ownership and control over your own identity, digital life and personal data
  • the minimum piece of information that the user/machine needs is just his seed. The whole framework or just parts of it can be always loaded/bootstrapped from the seed, that can be safely stored on the hardware-key too (keyware)
  • anonymous, pseudo-anonymous and real-world-compliant IDs and subIDs at your fingertips
  • solving the problem of having any intermediary own or view your data
  • the ability to operate with multiple blockchain under one ecosystem, but keeping everything decentralized and in your full control
  • the ability to keep everything decentralized, but under one ecosystem only
  • the ability to keep everything private related where desired, by seamlessly creating sub IDs when needed
  • making the accessibility easy to users that wish to utilize decentralized systems and technologies, by Essentia integrated modules and dApps Store
  • the integration with native Essentia hardware devices, to improve security and relate the digital to the physical world
  • the smooth private login, interaction and interoperability to multiple blockchains, third party services and decentralized applications
  • dedicated and expandable open-hardware machines able to run the whole framework or just part of it, if not just a standalone module like a full Ethereum node

Nowadays, the user’s data, habits, personal informations, locations, social relations, financial details and so on, represent the best mine of value for the service providers as well as for bad actors.

Machines are learning more about humans, and soon humans will be an instrument of machines, not viceversa.

In such a quagmire where the users are left blind and without any compass, they are also exposed to a myriad of risks directly/indirectly connected to their interaction with the available technology and IT solutions.

With Essentia, the user can always have in his pocket this tool to interact with decentralized resources and, through them, with the traditional ones too, while maintaining the complete and exclusive control over his identity, digital life and personal data and therefore solve these problems.

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